Board of Director

Sh. KK Vasal - President

Children learn what they live. A true visionary and a man of great character and benevolence, with clear insight and vibrant vision, leads the way to engrave learning into the hearts, minds and souls of one and all. It is this ardent inspiration that ripens into a golden future of hopes and dreams, moulding the young minds and motivating them to be the brightest and the best. I firmly believe that the individual is the lengthened shadow of the institution and high achievements always take place in the framework of high expectations. Today, I can say with pride that I-League has been able to set this framework of high expectations and is well on its way to high achievements.

Mr. Sanjeev K Vasal - Chairman

Life is a field of unlimited possibilities; evolving interests, building up perseverance and facilitating development as the way to realize these possibilities. Creating luminous landmarks by stimulating conceptual learning & strengthening the roots, we are today the proud torch bearers of global learning & awareness through knowledge and skills. We instil self-confidence by cultivating talent in the learners on their voyage of ‘Life’. We aim to be a melting pot of varied values & cultures, thereby cultivating tolerance, integrity, empathy, endurance and commitment. Being a passionate and ardent believer in education, I take pride in inspiring, emphasizing & empowering the future citizens of the globe, giving them an enriching educational experience with equitable access to an updated curriculum.

Dr. R K Vasal - Vice-President

True education is the training of both the head and the heart. We take pride in our efforts towards this unquenchable thirst for perfection. It is with this outlook that we instil the true spirit of leadership, direction, & determination into our learners, making sure that they are future-ready. Our vision is to prepare students not only for examinations but for life. We believe in the culture of excellence in all aspects of education and even the sky is not the limit for us.

Mrs. Ena Vasal - Director

An educationists should build the capacity of the spirit of enquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial skills and moral leadership among students and help them identify a role model. Guiding them at a young age helps these be a part of their being and helps them to grow into individuals who are holistically developed. Life measures character, leadership and perseverance and we help children nurture these with integrity. They grow up to be rainbows for every cloud wherever they go. It is my effort to create an impact that has a lasting impression to influence every young life to be a part of the society with a passion to be honest, progressive and helpful.

Mr. Raghav Vasal - CEO

Our fundamental beliefs are embedded in our core values. We work through the core values for enabling the tiny saplings to germinate into healthy, strong & beautiful trees capable of spreading their fragrance through the bloom, and sustained to give fruits and soothing shade through their mighty size. Vasal Educational Group, inspires students to develop the passion for learning, thereby transforming them into lifelong learners. In every student the spark of knowledge is ignited, which helps them radiate into self-sufficient, self-reliant individuals and shape their future keeping in view employability and professionalism. Thus, the ultimate outcome that we envision is a group of young individuals who are dynamic, energetic and confident, ready to take on the global stage.